He is an industrial engineer and started his activities by carrying out various projects in the energy sector in an international engineering company. Shortly afterwards he managed a company in the industrial sector that provided its services to large Spanish companies and exported its own products to South America. Subsequently he held the post of engineering and international project manager in a consultancy for strategy and operations at which he carried out multinational projects, mainly on Latin American markets and in South East Asia.

A specialist in the internationalisation of companies, he has carried out projects on the five continents for both the public and the private sector.

He speaks three languages and has been officially approved by the Basque Government as an Innova Consultant; he has developed numerous methodologies for optimising resources in SMEs.



He is a graduate in Economics from the Universidad del País Vasco and specialises in International Economics; he began his professional career in the sector of the creation, promotion, and administration of infrastructures and public works in the financial department and as assistant to the CEO. He has subsequently carried out projects on management, the optimisation of resources, and business strategies in the sector of strategic and operational consultancy.

An expert on business analysis and diversification, he has carried out projects for both the public and private sector in many fields on the five continents, mainly in the primary sector and industry. He has carried out projects in countries such as Panama, Indonesia, Ecuador, and Japan.

He speaks three languages and has carried out international projects; he is an expert on sales negotiations in the opening up of new markets.



He is a graduate in Economic Science from the Duisburg-Essen University and a specialist in international trade with the company Klein Stahlvertrieb GmbH in Bornheim, Germany; he is the GAP representative for the north of Europe.

He has developed his professional career in private and business banking, commodity and trade finance, portfolio management, sales and marketing, and market research worldwide.

He has carried out projects in Switzerland, Russia, France, and Italy, among other countries. He has lived in South Africa and Bahrain and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and of the Association for bilateral relations between Germany and the Middle East (NUMOV).

He speaks perfect German, English, and French, and some Dutch, Spanish, and Italian.



He is a law graduate from the Spanish Open University (UNED), specialising in the sector of communications, corporate identity, brand creation, and advertising.

For over 15 years he has been working in the communication sector, managing the externalisation of the communication services of large companies.

He is an account executive, coordinating promotion and direct marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns, and corporate identity. He has also carried out consultancy projects in corporate communication, together with cost analyses and the optimisation of resources invested in communications and marketing.

He is the president of the Association of Cantabrian Producers and of the Cantabrian Association of E-business. He has been awarded several prizes such as the Spanish national design award (Letra) and the prize for the best corporate identity on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Cantabria Regional Parliament.



He is a Senior Technician in the Development of Computer Applications at the CEDEFOR company. He completed his training with various courses taught by Apple Inc. and related companies in both the United States and Europe.

During the 18 years of his professional career he has worked in the following posts: software analyst and training manager at a software development company with branches in Madrid and Santander. For the last 13 years he has been a partner and manager of a software development company.

He speaks Spanish and English and has worked as a Spanish/English translator.